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This Necklace is called Eliya after Eliya Cohen, 27 years old, from Tel Aviv.

Eliya was kidnapped from the party in Reeim. He went to a party with his girlfriend Ziv. Eliya was injured. According to the description, Eliya and Ziv looked at each other and held hands, he managed to say that he was injured and was fine, but then someone pulled him from the pile of bodies. His mother says that he is a sensitive and empathetic person, full of friends in Israel and the world. "I'm sure he takes care of babies in Gaza, plays with them and takes care of them".


The Necklace made of 925 Sterling silver and Zircons.

The length of the necklace is 45 cm.

Eliya Necklace

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Avoid wearing your jewelry in the ocean or swimming pools, as the salt water and chlorine can cause damage.

Sterling silver naturally oxidizes over time, which may lead to slight discoloration of the metal. Clean regularly to reduce tarnishing.

Wipe your jewelry carefully with a non abrasive polishing or lens cloth to keep it clean and free of these elements that oxidize. Daily cleaning is highly suggested.

  • Be sure store sterling silver in a dry, cool place. In hot climates, it should be kept in an air-conditioned room.
  • Avoid keeping jewelry boxes in bathrooms, as the moist, warm air can compromise the brilliance of your sterling.
  • If you're planning on storing a sterling silver piece for an extended period of time, try sealing it in an airtight bag (plastic works fine) to protect it from oxidation and humidity.

*Although rare, sometimes individual body chemistries can react with the metal and cause a reaction. Pregnancy, thyroid disorders, hormone levels, medications and more can affect the PH levels within the body alkalinity versus acidity, and may cause a reaction with your piece. It’s definitely a wild-card and is based on the individual!

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