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My name is Sharon Gendelman

Founder, owner and designer at Shuzi Jewelry.

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About Us: Inner_about

Shuzi Jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Israel, by Sharon Gendelman.
These unique fresh pieces are inspired by the mediterranean culture, style and the Sea. 
Using Sterling silver, gold, pearls and seashells,

the pieces are always chic, trendy and easy to layer.

Sharon says:

"I find a lot of inspiration in marine treasures such as pearls, corals and seashells but take it one step further to a more luxurious place. I see how I refine myself as the years go by and adapt my jewelry to my taste today - although I love the sea very much, it is important to me that the jewelry is timeless - a jewelry that I can wear both now and at the age of 70 and it will always remain in fashion.

In 2019 I got the opportunity to appear in Vogue magazine. At first I was shocked. I, Sharon Gendelman who grew up in Pardes Hana Karkur, in the global Vogue magazine?

The same magazine that I had piled up in my room as a teenage girl, where I was inspired by global fashion and trends, the most famous magazine in the world?!
I realized that my hard work all these years had paid off and I had the privilege of conquering an important peak in my life.
That year I appeared in about three editions of British Vogue - March, April and May, and it was a huge turning point for me."


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